Hello and welcome to the Manchester R site. If you are interested in knowing how much stock to buy for your business, what the results of your scientific experiment mean, or which player should be substituted on your sports team, then you can find the answer using R! Download a copy for free from www.r-project.org. ManchesterR is proudly organised and sponsored by Mango Solutions

Thank you to our November 2016 Speakers, Lee Hawthorne, Alan Fielding and Pete Dodd.

We look forward to seeing you all at our 2017 meetings.

Next Meeting

We are pleased to confirm details of the next Manchester R meeting as follows:

Date: Tuesday 21st Feb 2017
Venue: HOME, 2 Tony Wilson Place, M15 4FN, Manchester
Time: 7pm


Paul Cleary | The role of R in automation of infectious disease surveillance at Public Health England
Phil Chapman | Bioinformatics in the tidyverse
Arun Kundgol | Asset Handling Monte Carlo Simulation for sensitivity analysis of risks

In the meantime, if you'd like to offer a presentation for a future meeting, please let us know.
Download copies of past presentations.

Recent Presentations

Speaker Title Date
Pete Dodd
University of Sheffield
Running Mountain Marathons in R 2016-11-28
Lee Hawthorne
R with SQL Server 2016-11-28
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ManchesterR is proudly organised and sponsored by Mango Solutions
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Mango also run EARL, our annual R conference, with 3 days of talks, workshops and networking for R users.

Be a speaker

Volunteering to speak at a ManchesterR event is a great way to share your ideas and experiences with other group members and also looks good on a CV. The events are friendly and welcoming and we'd be happy to discuss any ideas you have for presentations, or provide guidance and help putting your talk together. We know public speaking can be daunting and isn't everyone's cup of tea, so if there's anything we can do to help boost your confidence and help you deliver the best talk you can, do please let us know. Alternatively, if you have a brilliant idea for a talk you'd like to see from someone else, give us a shout and we'll try our best to arrange it!


Alongside the main ManchesterR meet-up, Mango often run a free workshop prior to the evening event. These workshops cover a wide range of R related topics, from creating a shiny application, to building your first R package. As a general rule, workshops are suitable for those with a small amount of R experience, though requirements are communicated via the mailing list and meetup.com group beforehand. If you have any suggestions for workshop topics that you think would have broad appeal, please let us know.

All Presentations

Speaker Title Date
Pete Dodd
University of Sheffield
Running Mountain Marathons in R 2016-11-28
Lee Hawthorne
R with SQL Server 2016-11-28
Catherine Leigh
Auto Trader
R at Auto Trader 2016-08-31
Chris Campbell
Mango Solutions
ValidR: The Challenges of Validating R 2016-08-31
Steve Cookson
Kellogg Company
Market Mix Modelling in R 2016-05-17
Chris Campbell
Mango Solutions
Keeping the Lights On 2016-05-17
Jeremiah Kelly
The University of Manchester
Colour Vision and R 2016-05-17
Ian Jacob
Manchester University
Indirect estimates of travel time and distance for participants attending breast cancer screening 2016-02-29
Tom Liptrot
NHS Christie Hospital
Machine learning in R: supervised classification 2016-02-29
Aimee Gott
Mango Solutions
Developing analysis tools with shiny gadgets 2016-02-29
Chris Campbell
Mango Solutions
Data Science Radar 2015-12-08
Louis Maddox
The use of the twitteR package, and a guide to constructing literature alert bots 2015-12-08
Marco Smolla
Agent-based models on a network within R 2015-12-08
Tom Liptrot
The Christie NHS Foundation Trust
Predictshine 2015-06-02
Chris Campbell
Mango Solutions
Classifying Human Behaviour 2015-06-02
Graeme Hutcheson
University of Manchester
Imputing missing data using R 2015-06-02
Dr Jeremiah Kelly
Seeing in the Dark with R 2015-02-12
Lee Hawthorne
The Ultimate Bar Crawl 2015-02-12
Rich Pugh
Mango Solutions
Building a Data Science Ecosystem 2015-02-12
Martin Eastwood
Predicting Football Matches using R 2014-10-30
Tom Liptrot
Using R for text mining of electronic patient records 2014-10-30
Graeme Hutcheson
Rmanchester TIKZ 2014-10-30
Nick Burgoyne
Earl 2015 2014-10-30
Matthew Russell
Auditable, Repeatable and Literate Data Analysis Using R, LaTex, Make and Git 2014-08-14
Sumit Mund
Domino Data Lab
R Support for Microsoft Azure Machine Machine Learning 2014-08-14
Stasia Grinberg
Extreme parsing: regular expressions in R 2014-08-14
Ian Jacob
Is R cost effective? 2014-05-06
David Springate
It's not all about stats; Web scraping in R 2014-05-06
Chris Campbell
VisualTest: Spot the difference 2014-05-06
Andrew Vodden
ManchesterR Introduction 2014-02-11
Paul Wilson
Zero-Inflated Models and R 2014-02-11
Jonathan Boyle
Building for Speed: the Intel MKL library 2014-02-11
Chris Campbell
Matchstick Men: A Serious Case Study in Code Quality 2014-02-11
Chris Campbell & Graeme Hutcheson
ManchesterR Introduction 2013-11-13
Chris Campbell
R as an Analysis Engine 2013-11-13
Graeme Hutcheson
Interpreting statistical models using simple graphics 2013-11-13
Nicholas Burgoyne
Biological Annotation in R 2013-11-13
Chris Campbell & Graeme Hutcheson
Manchester R Introduction 2013-08-08
Richie Cotton
The Secrets of Inverse Brogramming 2013-08-08
Graeme Hickey
Unlocking a ntional adult cardiac surgery audit registry 2013-08-08
Aimee Gott
Building Web Applications in Shiny 2013-08-08
Jennifer Broughton
R for Classification 2013-05-02
David Springate
FP in R 2013-05-02
Dennis Prangle
Introduction to ggplot2 2013-05-02
Graeme Hutcheson & Chris Campbell
ManchesterR Intro 2013-02-07
Chris Campbell
Sharing the Love - Building Your First Package 2013-02-07
Graeme Hutcheson
R - The simple way 2013-02-07
Munawar Cheema
Starting That First R Project 2013-02-07
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